Diet is extremely important in losing weight and staying lean. Nutrition can be complicated. It is easy to read about the next fad diet and try it out for a month or two. You may see results, you may not, I want to change your view on dieting and how to learn to love the foods you eat. This does not mean cutting everything out, it means fine tuning your habits and learning how to eat to fuel your body with nutrient dense food. I am a strong believer in the 80-20 rule and flexible dieting. This means “clean” eating roughly 80% of the time and not 20% of the time.

A diet does not mean a serious caloric deficit,  going into severe caloric deficits can be detrimental to your metabolism and actually slow it down. 

We want to be in control of your metabolism and train it to be faster and more efficient. I am here to guide you to fueling your body with the right foods and the correct time to eat them. 

Together we will learn what foods are best for you and what your body responds best to. Food allergies are always taken into consideration and need to be addressed. The more you learn about your body and how it responds to food the better you will be at intuitively eating and discovering what not to eat. Join me in falling in love with food and your body. Learn how to fuel your body to achieve the most out of it. Through eating properly you will have better skin, gut health, metabolism, body composition, and overall mindset.


Nutrition Consult:

$100/consultation + applicable taxes.

Body composition analysis

Meal Plan:

$150/month + applicable taxes.


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